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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Photo's and TOAST and embroidery

Hi anyone
have been spending most of the afternoon organising my photos onto a new storage space on our system - hopefully I'm there now. Will get up the pictures I've been missing since our recent Whitby trip - have a look at the last few posts for the pictures. Have also more ideas for christmas card stuff - a background for a new doll - I think it will be inspired from the lovely TOAST catalogue also featured in the new Molliemakes mag. Will share when its done. It will have a feel of the Jan doll FROM SCRATCH (see here).
Not sure what I can achieve for the rest of the day ? - loads to do but kids are coming in soon. I think, I may get all the dolls pasted up and ready for further treatments in the FROM SCRATCH series.
Before I store it away, I did get a new stamp from my holiday in Whitby - its such a cute little picture and lends itself to embroidery - here is a photo :

There are two bits to it - I think I will try and cross stitch it. Thats decided - this is how I will spend my evening. I think perhaps in red ? I'm inspired to stitch with the latest Molliemakes free gift buttons.

Bye for now.