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Friday, 4 November 2011

Sugarandspice and pretty paper rings

Hi anyone
another lovely day today (weather) - am running late with life generally and not done any art today yet (feel deprived)- bit of background but ? lost my way with other commitments!!!!
Been thinking about Christmas stuff again and am almost there with my offer for my shops. Take a look at my shops - no Christmas stuff yet - I've added a link on this page and will post up pictures when they materialise.

Also -still working on a big review of the 'project books' -each of my projects has a master plan in the form of a journal book - it evolves rather like 'life' so is up for change and deviation ! but it does allow for regular reviews and helps keep me on track. Had a bit of a dilema (earlier )about the name of one of the projects - I have referred to the collection as the 'nursery' collection in recent weeks - which did'nt do it justice. Its much more than baby stuff - anyway I've called it sugar and spice as 'in what are littleboys/girls made of ?' I think this will work and I like the link with the poem and feel I can use the words in the pictures.

These pictures are a collage of early versions of the pictures - they will have ribbons to hang up each picture and do look pretty as a collection.

On another subject  - I watched Kirsty Allsop on TV last night (4od) ended up watching 2 episodes - she made a great effort and I particularly liked her paper ring- take alook at the whole programme it was really interesting - gave me loads of ideas for techniques. The embroidery thing on water soluable paper looked fantasticTechnique.
Need to go.
Bye for now