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Monday, 28 November 2011

Its Day 12 - what next ?

Hi anyone
weather Ok today - bit colder and slightly damp but great day for photographs !
Its finally Day 12 of the prep for christmas @ thepapersac - can't believe its here already. Today its a christmas tree . I've used a wooden blank created by Richard fom his wood stash (totally upcycled from an old chair which collapsed - with my brother on it !!!-last year - on Christmas Day, as it happens). I've given the tree blank a Christmas Wood Collection makeover but it could be dressed in anything.
my tree with some of the other Christmas Wood stuff
 Here is the tree with some other items in the collection - I've painted the tree blank white and have added a few images from the Christmas Wood on the front and around the base.

The little numbers for the countdown into December are held on with small hooks and are deep enough to hold all the numbers which I will change around each day as I add more bits to dress my tree.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet - I will just look each day and get inspiration. Its going to be a little 'delight' for me each day. May also treat myself with a coffee/snack time to do this mid morning ?
my countdown numbers

 The covered edge of the base with merry christmas greetings is just visible here. Its a subtle decoration which works well for now and will take further decoration later on .
quite a 'chunky tree'
I'm going to dress the tree up a bit more each day leading up to Christmas - so it will be my own little 'advent calendar'. Will share as I go.

this is the blank wooden picture

here is the tool with empty lists just waiting to be written on
I still don't have any comments to make my draw of the List It Tool. Not sure what to do now ? - there are a few more days to go - I did say I would draw the lucky name on the 1st December - so I will just wait. Here is the tool again.

Bye for now.