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Monday, 14 November 2011

Poppy and Christmas List talk

Hi anyone
The weather is a bit miserable today but still warmish for November.
I missed out on a post yesterday - too much family stuff going on - we all attendeed the local scouts rememberance service at the church followed by a ceremony at the War Memorial. We do go each year and it's was a very moving event with lots of families and representatives of the armed services and the weather stayed fine so it went well. We had bought 4 poppies last week but amazingly lost 2 ? - how does this happen ? - so had to make some for the service and the ceremony (late Sat evening)- both boys were involved - one carried the main flag (he was very pleased about this) and the other layed a wreath (also much honoured) so both did very much need a poppy - here are my efforts :
my poppy creations
 (not actually a poppy I know !!! but I thought they looked good and we did donate as well !

boys first christmas list for 2011
The boys managed to do their christmas lists -will get the blanks in the shop asap as promised. Here are their initial requests ! - they will change their minds (of course) but the lists will stay up on the List It Tool so it keeps a reminder to them and me. As you can't read the words very well - most of the requests are electronic games - the only thing in their lives that is truly important right now !!!!
On a similar link - still no one making comments - you could win the tool for yourself - here it is again :
you can win this !
All you need to do is leave a comment. I will announce the draw winner before the end of the month.

Bye for now.