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Thursday, 17 November 2011

The SUN and Day 1 Christmas Prep @ thepapersac

Hi everyone
weather brilliant today - wonderful blue sky and bright sunshine - not been out yet so don't know about temperature ?
I'm energised about photography again - will get there I'm determined..... but not today - had a dreadful attempt with the sun winning out.
 We have a very large glass 'almost  wall' area in the body of the house - I tend to paint and work there - its a great spot for looking out into the garden and watching (whatever ?), very relaxing and a good place to be. Its not, however, a great place for taking pics as the sun is so bright and everything seems to be white and reflecting - so I have lots of unwanted shadows. Will work on it.
 Never the less, I've been trying to get images of day1 christmas prep - here are some initial shots - items will go into the shop from the 17th November. Thats today.

I did want to use an existing frame on my wall to show each day as each item is added to the collection - with the frame building up to holding all 12 'prep items' -  great idea (I thought) but need to find another wall because of the afore mentioned sun and shadow issues ! See what I mean !!!!!!

Still, at least the sun is shining - I'll find a solution to enjoy it.

Bye for now.