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Sunday, 20 November 2011

AMAZING - its Day 4 !!! the Christmas Wood

Hi anyone
its Day 4 already - scary ........ !
Day 4 is a card using the Christmas wood design (just been calling it the wood so thats it - got a name in the end.

Another busy day - weekends are so difficult to work because of family things - much too important to miss out - so there it is !!

Here is the Day 4 card - using the Christmas Wood idea and building a little detail with glitter dust and a simple bunting idea - inside the card is lined in white with a few of the same images and plenty of space top write the message.

I'm going to make quite a few of these and customise with family names of people they will go to.

inside the card

on the back

seen with a few of the other items in the range

We are going to a Light Show in the wood this evening - will share the experience tomorrow but it sounds very exciting - will try and get some pics. Hope to get some ideas for adding to my Christmas Wood range.

Bye for now.