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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Taking photos without a real camera !! = ETSY help

Hi anyone
here is my sky - using my phone
funny sort of light today - almost like a snowy sky but much too warm - its dry too.

When I looked out I thought immediately its a good day for photographs. 'Taking pics', as I call them,  is often a bit challenge for me. I'm always looking for the perfect tool (camera) to do the job (without the perfect budget of course). So I'm stuck with my phone !! embarrassing - so, I don't usually mention it !
I do have access to a couple of camera's - old point and shoot things but I tend to use my camera phone because the process and quality is better and I do tend to use the computer to improve them. However, having said all that, some of my pics are not so bad and I'm working on it. I'm always looking for tips and advise on how to improve. I've just come across (purely by chance) a great session on Etsy and I've spent some time, this morning, watching a Live Lab  (on line session) - absolutely fantastic and so encouraging - the tutor/speaker makes it sound so easy, which in turn, makes me believe I can do it ! - only time will tell.
Today, getting back to work, I need to finish off lots of things - will aim to show my efforts here. Call back again today and I will get a few pics up - hopefully using my new skills (from the Live Lab lesson).
bit of glare on the right but only artifical light available here

close up of same scene
Its much later than expected (10.30pm) but I've taken a few pics based on the information from Live Lab - I've used artificial light (its black outside) which was given a 'no no' from the lesson -there is a bit of glare and quite a few did'nt work at all but I have learned from the talk - thanks ETSY !  These are the items for Day 1 of the 12 days of prep @ thepapersac Christmas. Almost ready to start.

Bye for now