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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Creative diversions !

Hi anyone

its a real autumn day today - colours are lovely and lots of leaves about - been busy with my embroidery/cross stitch project - just started yesterday and it turned out rather more involved than anticipated. I took the new stamp (mentioned yesterday) as my starting point and wanted to do some kind of embroidery job ? As I started to think about the process it occurred to me that I would need a pattern ! not sure why this didnt come to mind before but there you are.
However, I found some square paper and I was away - the first try went in the bin but I soon got it together and now have the pattern(s). The characters are not exactly as the stamp as I did them by eye rather than any precise measuring etc. But ,I'm quite pleased with the results so far.I have the idea of red thread but am still a bit unsure about my fabric choice - I do have some traditional cross stitch stuff (I know it has a name but not sure what it is? ) but I like the idea of linen or something linen-like or should I go for a very delicate white cotton ? Must get on with more important things today so will ponder this one - in the meantime here are my patterns.
I'm scheduled to do a whole work review and decide exactly what will go up for sale at Christmas and how to present the stuff. I have a single print in a new  Folksy shop as well as a few items in the Etsy shop. I need to work on getting traffic into these shops instead of being diverted with inviting creative projects !! - can't seem to help myself !!

Bye for now.