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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Free Christmas Gift Competition

Hi anyone

bit of a damp day today and been busy with school charity work so not much done. However, have been planning the little project which I talked about last time re 12 new christmas offers in my shops. I've decided to post  them up here at the same time and also I'm adding a free gift opportunity.
My first offer for the shops is almost complete and the free gift thing is 'in development' - I have a few pictures to keep anyone guessing :

Christmas 'Tool' to be !!!

This is not much of a clue but it is something that can be used for Christmas and beyond. All you need to do (TO WIN THE GIFT) is add a comment to any of my posts from now and I will draw names out of a hat on the twelth and final day of my the christmas offers.

That all for today.