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Monday, 21 November 2011

Light up your Christmas House ! Day 5

Hi anyone
its a damp day today - very dull but improving - bit colder but must add - mild for November !
The light show I mentioned yesterday was fantastic - lovely display of magical lighting in the forest with lots of people milling around with torches. The very tall trees and sounds (some music) made the whole experience something very special. The sky was clear so the lights were very bright too. I did get some pictures but they need a bit of work so will get something up in the next few days when I've tidied them up.

Today is Day 5 of christmas prep @thepapersac - today we have a tealight cover - this is something using the Christmas Wood images - the little house in the wood.

 I've made it into a cover for the tealight (to sit inside) - it will be much better at night so will try and get a picture this evening.
I've lit the tealight in the pictures and am aiming to have quite a few in a row (for impact). I love them and they have turned out well. will get some in the shop asap.

I've also managed to have coffee with my friend Andrea this morning - lovely catch up chat and lots of goodies that she brought back (for me) from the States - love having surprises - they are all lovely and am planning how to use them.

The only thing left to do today is to remind everyone to leave a comment to win the LIST IT TOOL. All you need to do is read  down to the end of todays blog and see comment (highlighted just below) click on it and leave your message - if you have nothing in particular to say - just put 'I want to win the tool' and that's it - it could be yours. Here it is again - above.

Bye for now