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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Creativity is called for .......

Hi anyone
bit of a dull day today - yet again very mild for November.
Have been busy with charity work today but have also done a little more christmas stuff - am working on another colour theme today (not the red/white) its an evolving process and although I have the broad colours (rich purple,pink,orange,green) and textures etc - its a bit of an unknown.
Over time, I have learned that its good to decide on a few materials/choices and stick with it - more imaginative, it's there quickly and much better work. And I'm using creativity rather than relying on ready made stuff! ...  and I do my best work.
When I have lots of resources to choose from, I tend to mess about a bit, change my mind, have a coffee etc. It takes me forever.
I also feel pressure -  because my creativity is not being called upon and its an uncomfortable feeling. Self doubt creeps in and confidence goes. Feel better having got that out - had a bit of a panic generally about what to do next. Here are a few bits of card that have been cut and shaped into christmas things - I hope now to use paint to bring them together - colours will be the rich purples etc and I may loose some images - we will see how it goe. Would love to hear from anyone else about how they feel inspired. Please comment and we can get a discussion going.

Will update progress tomorrow on how my picture develops.

We are getting close to the launch if the 12 days of christmas prep - still no comments on this blog to win the List It tool - make a comment and you go into the draw - no tricks or any money involved. Just leave a comment - any comment and you may win.

Bye for now.