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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Fabric and painting - at last !

Hi anyone
have switched around my day :- am = nice work and pm = house/home work. I think its working ! (for this week anyway). I have reorganised my computer too - to make visiting my daily reads etc easier and have managed to get a few links on here too showing where some of my inspiration comes from - my blog space is evolving and I'm begining to feel in control of it at last rather than the other way around.
Today, will see all the dolls on canvas in From Scratch series - also need to think about all the made@thepapersac projects and the Room Art book - yes ! its now 'a book to be'. Thinking about the process of book development - its a bit like having another child and is taking just as long.
Miss Mitchell
Another amazing thing for me is the development of Miss Mitchell on fabric. Miss Mitchell is my first ever picture of a painted folk art doll. She has a life and a story and now she will be on fabric with more to come.I organised the printing yesteday and its coming from  - spoonflower - an amazing outfit (take a look ). Look at this lovely thing from their site  Reindeer- my journey to developing fabric has been brewing for a while will tell the whole story when I get the fabric for me to show. It really is a huge bridge within my work - fabric is in my blood and painting (my passion) is truly where my direction is leaning. I have so many ideas that my head is bursting at the moment. Just to add to my excitement, I also came across sarahstrachan she does amazing dolls and is inspiring me to develop this 'fabric/paint art' thing. She recently had a piece on MollieMakes highlighting her work - take a look. Thats it for now.