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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Thank You time ? day 10

Hi anyone
today its a bit windy with the potential for rain ? - its quite dark in the sky with amazing bits of very bright sunshine ! - lovely to look out at - not sure if it good to be out in !!
Notelet is A4 size
Its DAY 10  in the prep for christmas @ thepapersac project - not many days left ! The item for today is a 'Thank You Notelet + Envelope'.
I know its a bit early to be thinking 'thanks you's', but its the kind of thing that gets delayed and sometimes forgotten until too late.
So, what better than having just the right thing on hand to get those messages written and posted early - perhaps, between Christmas and the New Year. You will feel very smug - I am already.
3 notelets and envelope per pack

 There are 3 notelets in each pack - each with a handcrafted envelope using the Christmas Wood Collection images. The notelets/envelopes are in crisp white card and have that lovely 'quality' feel to handling them.
mini circle closure on the envelope
small Christmas Wood image on the bottom left of the envelope
close up version of the bottom of the envelope
mini circle closure on the folded notelet

Not sure what else is in store for today - weekends are family time generally and everything else goes. So. probably be juggling life.

Bye for now.