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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Miss Mitchel is here at last and its Day 6

Hi anyone
I think the weather has finally 'turned' - its quite cold today and damp - very dull. Never mind, have been developing a few new things to brighten up my world - its Day  ? (I've quite forgotten which prep day it is ! must read back and keep up !) I think - Day 6 (will double check in a moment - I'm too prepared !! with items ready to share). Day 6 it is ! I have the next item here now.

 It's a bauble for the tree or any other thing you want to hang it on. It has a mini snowflake on each of the 3 sides - looks a bit too early for Christmas with my garden in the background. Again. I'm using the Christmas Wood art for inspiration
tree bauble
snowflake base
new artwork - need a name ?
The little house is a triangle shape and its got a snow like base (embossed with snowflakes) I love it - it just does'nt really enhance my room. I have decided its either a new re vamp of my rooms downstairs or another colour/design for the decorations ! -  Yes, after a short time thinking (really)-  its the other design !!!!. Its been a struggle to get this one right - I think, its because I do genuinely like the Christmas Wood - I did consider doing the Christmas Wood in other colours using the same design (may still give it a go) but in the end I think I've come up with something - will keep working on it but will give you a peek as it is right now see left - I need to get some orange and pink in there and I like the more traditional tree design (the tree on the right) - will be working on this today so should have it sorted and ready to display this evening.

the amazing Miss Mitchel
Another truly amazing thing has just happened, literally just via the post - Miss Mitchell is back - this time on fabric. Can't explain how wonderful this is. Miss Mitchell was my first ever folkart doll and is very special to me. She is available to buy on fabric - should anyone wish ? Will find out how and where from later today. Here she is - just as she arrived - straight from the packet. I placed my foot on the fabric to show the scale. This has made my day - thank you Spoonflower for making this happen.

Bye for now
PS look back a few days for more pictures/info re:  the List It Tool draw