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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Christmas Crackers day 11

Hi anyone
 weather report today is mixed up with my view after standing on the rugby pitch for 2 hours. From inside a warm house the weather was great or even a reasonable walk would have said - lovely day bright sunshine and a bit breezy. But after the 2 hours standing in the ' breeze' - the  wind chill factor made it rather cold and my feet (several hours later) have just recovered. So, make of that what you will !!

simple white cracker
 Today is Day 11 of the prep for christmas @ thepapersac project and its a christmas cracker. 

Christmas Wood image
 The cracker design is in simple white card  using the Christmas Wood image and tied with white paper string.
The cracker snaps as usual and has some tissue wrapped chocolate sweets inside. I also have a little joke and a hat in there.
I think, I will make some larger crackers for our christmas table and will choose some personal gifts. This will determine the size of each
 I quite like the idea of having a different range of sizes to keep everyone guessing abourt the contents.

Thats it for today.
Bye for now.