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Friday, 25 November 2011

Christmas Bells that jingle ! on Day 9

Hi anyone

 Its almost raining - very dull and grey - still 'warmish' outside - although, I've just taken the pictures here for Day 9 of Prep for Christmas @ thepapersac and its so sunny ?

sunny look to a very dull day 5 mins later !
Day 9 is  a Christmas Jingle Bells Garland of six bells. Each bell is made from card and has the Christmas Wood Collection images on them, they also contain a mini bell which does ring. The garland is hung on white paper string. As I was hanging the garland the breeze took the string and there was a lovely jingle going on !!
Here is the garland above - together with other items in the Christmas Wood Collection.
another less cluttered arrangement of the wall display

 Can't quite believe the date - almost December and almost the end of this little project 12 days of Christmas Prep. @ thepapersac. I'm hoping to get all the items (so far) in the shops asap. Don't want to spoil the surprise of the next 3 days as some items will apprear as a combination package - hence the delay.
inside the little bells is a jingle bell

each bell with the Christmas Wood image

Not sure where to hang the bells - I clearly need several garlands for impact.

We got our first Christmas card yesterday !!! - its always from our friends Claire and Ryan - they are always the first ! I tend to be a little later, however, this christmas prep project has allowed me to literally get 'prepped' - so it does work as a prompt. Will definitely do it again.

Bye for now.

PS - still no takers for the List It Tool draw ? - look back to previous posts for details, if you would like to win.